If you want to create lasting impact for your business, community and society but find you are facing challenges that stop you from giving your best, then True Leadership coaching is designed for you. I help clients grow as leaders, maximise their impact and achieve sustainable success.

who I help

senior managers
influencers/policy makers

Do you see your leadership role as a way to fulfil your purpose, but find the way ahead is unclear? Are you are committed to giving your best but feel you could be doing more? And do you believe exceptional leadership is critical to your own and your organisation's success?

I help clients in and aspiring to leadership roles to get clarity of vision and lead in line with values. I can support you in building confidence, navigating challenges and achieving key personal, performance and leadership outcomes.

"I’d like to maximise my contribution but feel there’s a faulty spark plug in the engine. I'd like to get that sharpness back so I can go from operating at 90% to 120%”
MS, Country Director, non-profit sector

Shape your leadership vision

What is your purpose – how do you want to contribute to the world? How will your leadership role support you in building that legacy? I will help you get clear about what lasting success means to you, set courageous goals and map out the journey to achieving the outcomes you want.

“Clare helped me to connect my goal(s). To who I am and what I stand for.” MP, Director, January Avenue

Live your values

I will help you identify your values, so you can develop an authentic leadership style and understand how to live those values in all that you do. When what you do mirrors your purpose and values, this builds trust – and you love to go to work.

Values are one of your greatest assets in the workplace. They help you navigate challenges, set priorities and make difficult choices. Values are also a useful guide in managing change, or making decisions that will impact on stakeholders in different ways. Teams with shared values are also more engaged, committed, motivated and productive.

“Many of my core values are associated with people and relationships. Working with Clare, I realised that my belief in respect, morality and being caring provide the foundations for being an effective people manager.”
Hayley Francies, Senior Staff Scientist, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Grow your leadership skills

Commitment to personal and professional development is a hallmark of highly effective leaders. I help you develop a toolkit to overcome challenges, perform consistently even in situations you currently find difficult, grow in confidence and increase your influence and impact.

“Clare not only made me realise how simple it was to overcome some ongoing challenges but I feel she has also empowered me to keep charging forward”
PM, Director, media agency

Achieve lasting success

True leadership is sustainable. It recognises the importance of a long-term approach, takes into account the need for adaptability and embraces the responsibility for our impact on the world around us. I help clients contribute over the long-term by considering how to use their time, energy and resources sustainably. I also invite clients to join me for a free anniversary call one year after our coaching engagement has ended. This space gives you the opportunity to pause, reflect on learning and consider how you will continue to grow as a leader.

“The focus on values helped me become more aware of where I stand on the balance between work and life and of how I’m feeling about each at a particular time. This helps me direct efforts or attention to either one to maintain that happy balance.”
Laura, Fundraising Manager, MTV Staying Alive Foundation

The value of leadership coaching

The value to business of investing in leadership coaching is already recognised – my aim is to help my clients extend their value to the world.

Leadership coaching helps you step outside your day-today situation and gain greater clarity about your ambitions and current situation. A coach provides the support you need as you work to align your leadership with your purpose and values. By helping you find the courage to overcome challenges and fulfil your potential, coaching delivers a lasting benefit for both you and your organisation.