client stories

Leadership vision and values

"Clare helped me to connect my goal(s) to who I am and what I stand for. Understanding and working with my values I was able to visualise my longer-term goal as well as shorter-term goals. I have introduced some new disciplines that will help me to do this."

Mike Pringle, Director, January Avenue

“I found my coaching with Clare to be highly effective in helping me to identify beliefs I have about myself that are not positive but had become assumptions I made about myself. It was incredibly helpful at a time when I wanted to make some key changes in career – the results have been lasting for me in terms of having a positive mental attitude towards myself – and others!”

Jacqui, Operations Director, Total Media

“I wanted to work with Clare to become a better fundraiser and help accelerate my 'career'. I use inverted commas here as I have never seen my progression as being something linear or solely related to work. I was keen to progress in my organisation, I knew that an opening would be coming available within the year which would be a step up and I was really focused on putting myself in the best possible position to go for it.

Clare helped me to articulate a number of goals, work-related and personal, that kept me kept me focused and helped me to understand how various aspects of my life tied together.

Focusing on values helped me to better understand the motivations behind my goals and the different strands and complexities that interlink them. It definitely helped me achieve the goals I had set out as having a more solid understanding of why I wanted to achieve or do a particular thing gave me more ownership and motivation to do it.

Nine months on from my coaching sessions with Clare I’ve received a promotion, been on my first solo trip and travelled around Peru, and crucially I have been able to find a balance in the way I think about where I am and where I sometimes feel I should be.

Clare’s coaching made me realise that whatever goal I set myself, in line with my values, I can achieve. It’s been extremely empowering to recognise this. I’m now taking some time to think about where I want to go next. The beauty being that once my next big goal starts to take shape, I’ll start working towards it with a new confidence.”

Laura Neale, Fundraising Manager, MTV Staying Alive Foundation

Leadership skills and business performance

I’m a new business owner and, while I know my field well, I don’t know as much about how to run a business. I had some key areas I wanted to improve in and hoped coaching would help me to do so. I particularly wanted to identify how to expand my client base, have more successful bids and have difficult conversations more effectively.

"Before coaching, taking my business forward seemed like a big task. A cloud of unknowns – ambiguous, nebulous, unstructured and difficult to approach. Clare helped me get my head around the different options for expanding the business and set a path. I had some ideas but now have a tangible timeline and list of priorities. She helped me break things down into a specific, concrete, actionable process I can really start to make a dent in".

Jon Leslie, Founder, John Leslie Data Consultancy

"I felt a lack of confidence in my new role. I felt I was inadequately experienced to be a good people manager and successfully building an effective team to deliver on a strategic project was worrying.

"Clare helped me find ways to manage my lack of confidence. Her ability to ask the most appropriate question at the most appropriate time helped me consider how I react and approach particular situations, helping me become a better manager. This is something that will stay with me throughout my career.

My sessions with Clare also provided an opportunity to think about my career aspirations in an open and honest environment, where I felt anything was possible.”

Hayley, Senior Staff Scientist, Welcome Trust Sanger Institute

“Clare not only made me realise how simple it was to overcome some ongoing challenges but I feel she has also empowered me to continue charging forward.”

PM, Business Development Director, media agency

“I wanted to go from feeling like a little girl who needs to earn her seat at the table to having the confidence of Joan Collins in the boardroom. I’ve learned what stops me from moving forward as confidently as I’d like, and how I can focus on my strengths. Since working with Clare, I’ve also focused on my values and how these can support me in achieving my goals."

KH, Head of HR, IPSA

Lasting impact

“The results I’ve achieved through coaching with Clare have been measurable and tangible and have resulted in changes I believe will be permanent and highly beneficial.”

Julie, Performance Officer, Cherwell District Council

"Clare is challenging yet supportive and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to get better and better and achieve those stretch/breakthrough goals."

Mike Pringle, Director, January Avenue