frequently asked questions

What is leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching aims to help you grow, bring about sustained behavioural change and transform the quality of your work and personal life. It is a confidential, positive process designed to help you work towards agreed outcomes that match your and your organisation’s values.

I work with clients to shape a powerful, productive and collaborative partnership. As your coach, I act as your thinking partner and challenge and empower you to fulfil your potential and purpose.

What coaching asks of you

For coaching to be successful you need to be motivated to change and for there to be a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Effective coaching also requires 100 per cent commitment from both parties and open, honest communication. You are accountable to yourself for your coaching outcomes. You need to believe that change is possible, be committed to your coaching, and to take action.

Personal growth and development

The coaching relationship and process helps you:

  • Gain clarity and focus on what you want
  • Raise your awareness and accelerate learning
  • Build motivation and commitment
  • Take responsibility for your results
  • Gain a fresh perspective, challenge assumptions and remove roadblocks
  • Stay on track and celebrate success

What coaching is not

A coach is not a mentor, consultant, trainer or career counsellor. Rather than offering advice or guidance, I recognise you are creative and resourceful and will help you create your own solutions and way forward. Unlike therapy, which helps people come to terms with past events that may be blocking you from moving forward, the coaching focus is the future – on where you’d like to be and the changes you need to make to get there. I am not a qualified therapist or counsellor and if that is the most appropriate service for you, I will help you find the right professional support.

What challenges can leadership coaching help with? What results can I expect?

Clients most commonly come to me to gain clarity, remove roadblocks and to achieve sustainable success. The questions most often asked are:

  1. Building your career and legacy: ‘how do I want to contribute to the world, and how do I ensure my leadership role fulfils this now and for the future?’
  2. Developing your leadership style: ‘What sort of leader do I want to be and how can I grow into that?’
  3. Growing confidence: ‘how can I perform consistently and act courageously, even in situations or with people I find difficult?’
  4. Tackling challenges and learning new skills: ‘How can I have difficult conversations well?’ ‘How can I navigate complexity and manage change more effectively?’
  5. Finding balance: ‘How can I lead the way AND empower others to take ownership? How do I meet the needs of now AND maintain a future focus? How can I prioritise my wellbeing AND the needs of the business?
  6. Managing priorities: ‘how can I spend more time focusing on the important things, when there are so many competing demands on my time?’

In addition to achieving desired outcomes, examples of results you can expect are:

  • A clear vision in line with values
  • Manage uncertainty and navigate complexity
  • Deliver value and maximise your impact
  • Increased emotional intelligence, influence and mastery of difficult conversations
  • Improved motivation, productivity and performance
  • Greater confidence, clarity, focus and self-belief
  • Skills and tools for continuing development

If you’d like know more about the impact of coaching, you can read my client stories

Who do you work with, and what has the impact of coaching been for them?

I help successful women who want to develop and grow as leaders so they can have a lasting impact for their organisation, community and society. I support clients in their first leadership role through to director level as well as business owners and people who have portfolio careers. I work with clients across a wide range of backgrounds including directors in media and charity, scientists, HR professionals, fundraisers and consultants.

Examples of recent outcomes I’ve helped clients achieve are:

  • Greater impact in board meetings through increased presence and confidence
  • Managing different stakeholder perspectives to resolve operational issues using personal values and emotional intelligence.
  • Securing buy-in from the board for a new people strategy by developing confidence and consistent performance.
  • Successfully managing recruitment and performance as a first-time leader of a research team by growing confidence and shaping a personal leadership style.

If you’d like know more about the impact of coaching, you can read my client stories

How does your coaching differ from others out there?

I have a different background and skillset from other leadership coaches. Through a career in high net worth fundraising I’ve learned how to find meaning and purpose through my work, and to collaborate with others to create the change we want to see in the world.

My coaching philosophy focuses on helping you develop as a courageous, authentic and trusted leader. I take a practical, positive approach and will help you build a toolkit of resources and strategies to support your continued growth and lasting success.

Finally, I provide a professional, personalised service, tailored to you and your organisation. I am your dedicated resource for personal and professional growth and development. To support your lasting success, I invite clients to join me for a free anniversary call one year after our coaching engagement has ended. This space gives you the opportunity to pause, reflect on learning and consider how you will continue to grow as a leader.

What is your background and training?

I am a professional coach and trained mentor with experience of helping leaders work with their values and overcome challenges so they can lead effectively and with confidence.

I qualified with the Coaching Academy, trained as a mentor with the Institute of Fundraising and am a member of the International Coach Federation. I work regularly with a coach, in supervision and undertake training to enhance my coaching skills and knowledge of models and concepts that can best serve my clients.

In the 10 years prior to launching True Leadership, I helped senior leaders in investment banking, FTSE100 organisations and media companies partner with for-purpose organisations to help solve major global challenges through investing in biomedical research and international development. I continue to support senior leaders and charities in achieving this lasting impact by providing consultancy support for a small number of organisations each year.

In my early career as an information professional at the University of Oxford and the House of Lords, I worked with academics, administrators and influencers. These two aspects of my professional experience allow me to understand the context and challenges of clients across the public, private and third sectors.

How do I choose the right coach for me?

Coaching is a partnership and you will design that partnership with your coach. Think of a strong partnership that you currently have in your work or life. Look at how you built that relationship and what is important to you about partnership, including values and communication styles. You will want to build those same things into your coaching relationship.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Interview more than one coach to determine what feels right in terms of the chemistry. I offer an introductory consultation free of charge to help you get that feel.
  • Look for stylistic similarities and differences between the coach and you and how these might support your growth.
  • Discuss your goals for coaching within the context of the coach's preferred way of working with clients.
  • Talk with the coach about what to do if you ever feel things are not going well; make some agreements up front on how to handle questions or problems.
  • Remember that coaching is a partnership, so be assertive about talking with the coach about any concerns.

If you are interested in scheduling your introductory consultation, please get in touch

How is coaching delivered? What is the process? Is it confidential?

Coaching begins with a personal interview – often referred to as a chemistry or strategy session – to assess your current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of the relationship, identify priorities for action and establish specific desired outcomes.

You and your coach will also agree at the outset how you will work together. Leadership coaching is confidential and, as a member of the ICF, I work within a Code of Ethics that places confidentiality at the heart of the coaching relationship. If your organisation is supporting your coaching, I will also consider the needs of your sponsor. Your confidentiality is assured – we simply ensure that everyone understands the ground rules and that we’re also sensitive and responsive to your sponsor’s needs.

Your coaching will be in person or remotely, with each session lasting an agreed length of time. You set the overall agenda for your coaching and for each session, while your coach will guide you through the coaching process. You can expect to leave each session with a clear goal you have defined, and an action plan to achieve that goal. Between sessions you put that plan into action. To maximise the impact of your coaching, there is space in each session and at specific points within each programme for reflection and learning.

Your coach may suggest tools and resources that could help you save time, effort and money as you work towards your goals. This may include relevant articles, checklists, assessments or models to support your thinking and actions.

If you’d like to know more about how I support clients, you can find more information in the services section.

How long do people usually work with a coach for?

The length of a coaching partnership varies depending on your needs and preferences. Factors that may impact the length of time include: the types of goals, the way you prefer to work, the frequency of coaching meetings and financial resources available to support coaching.

I offer a range of coaching solutions tailored to your needs, from six to ten 1:1 coaching sessions to tackle a specific leadership challenge through a year-long programme to help you shape your leadership legacy, create lasting impact for your organisation and deepen your sense of fulfilment and meaning.

If you’d like to know more about how I support clients, you can find more information in the services section.

Why invest in leadership coaching?

An investment is key to success in all things. Most highly effective leaders have made significant investments of time, energy or money in their development. They constantly strive to learn new skills, develop themselves and keep growing. Their investment repays itself many times over in their impact for their organisation, increased confidence and greater personal fulfilment.

High performing organisations that achieve lasting success are committed to developing staff in or aspiring to leadership roles. Coaching can support leadership development programmes by offering people the time and space to develop their emotional intelligence, and remove any roadblocks to success. Coaching also enables clients to work with personal and organisation values to shape and live their unique leadership style.

Working with a coach outside your organisation can bring and external, fresh perspective, and objective viewpoint. A dedicated coach also has the time to provide a robust programme of support, tailored to each client’s needs.

How much does coaching cost?

Your requirements and the outcomes you want to achieve through coaching are unique to you. During our initial consultation, we will design a programme based on your objectives and agree what success looks like for you. We will also discuss pricing to deliver the best possible value for your investment of time and money.

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