how coaching can help you

Leadership coaching aims to help you grow, bring about sustained behavioural change and transform the quality of your work and personal life. I take a positive, practical approach to helping clients achieve lasting success, and will build a coaching relationship with you that helps you do your best thinking. I will encourage, inspire and challenge you to get the results you want.

The sort of results you can expect from working with me include:

  • A clear vision in line with values
  • Improved ability to deliver value and maximise your impact
  • Increased emotional intelligence, influence and mastery of difficult conversations
  • Greater ability to manage uncertainty and navigate complexity
  • Improved motivation, productivity and performance
  • Greater confidence, clarity, focus and self-belief
  • Skills and tools for continuing development

Coaching begins with a consultation to assess your current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of the relationship, identify priorities for action and establish specific desired outcomes.

Your coaching will be carried out in person or remotely, with each session lasting an agreed length of time. You set the overall agenda, while I will guide you through the coaching process. To maximise the impact of your coaching, there is space in each session and at specific points within each programme for reflection and learning.

adventure coaching

Being in wilder places creates a deliberate physical and mental distance that frees you from both the day to day and the pressures of the office. This change lends itself to a different perspective and clearer, fresher thinking. Being out in nature is also proven to be healthy for body and mind. Taking time to reflect in this space supports clarity of vision and enables the mind to open up and embrace new ideas and solutions.

An adventure that combines time in wild spaces with something physically stretching allows you to surprise yourself by just how much you can do, and gives you courage to do the same in your leadership role.

Coaching while walking mirrors the metaphorical journey – coach and client travelling in the same direction, side by side. Talking side by side rather than face to face also helps us feel less self-conscious and encourages greater openness.

I love climbing and hiking in the world’s wild places – from the Namib desert to Antarctica, and from Snowdonia to the Peruvian Andes. These adventures strengthen my personal foundations – courage, resilience and adaptability. I bring my experiences to bear in helping clients develop their own foundations for exceptional leadership.

All True Leadership coaching programmes have out-in-nature options in Surrey and Sussex. Whether you'd like a morning hike with reflective time in the afternoon or something more challenging, the level of stretch is up to you.

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choose your coaching service

I provide bespoke coaching tailored to your specific needs. Your coaching engagement can be shaped around the following four options.

1:1 true leadership coaching

Dedicated space to work through specific challenges, develop your leadership style and achieve the outcomes you want. The frequency of sessions will be scheduled to fit with your objectives and availability.

leadership vision & values workshop

Define your leadership vision and values – your why and your how. Review where you are now and create a plan for leading in line with values.

true leadership foundations programme

A vision and values workshop and three follow-up coaching sessions. The sessions take place over two months and will help you implement your action plan and achieve key outcomes.

lasting impact leadership programme

If you are looking to make transformational progress in creating the changes you seek in yourself as a leader, then this programme is for you.

Working for an extended period gives you time to apply your values and strategies to a range of situations and challenges – planned and unexpected – so you can learn to flex and adapt your approach. To find ways, in real time, to stay true to your course when you encounter setbacks.

It also allows time to develop a greater ability to your use strengths and talents to get you where you want to be. To roll your sleeves up and shift stubborn habits or thinking that hold you back from having the impact you want. And to build a powerful learning mindset that supports your growth and helps you become more resilient.

The programme begins with vision and values workshops, followed by 9 further sessions over nine months. A half-day review session one year after the start allows you to reflect on progress and create your toolkit for lasting success.

You can choose to complete elements of your programme as a retreat or out in nature, allowing you to think creatively in a nurturing environment away from work pressures and the interruptions of family life.


I work within the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics, and place confidentiality at the heart of the coaching relationship. If your organisation is supporting your coaching, I will also consider the needs of your sponsor. Your confidentiality is assured – I simply ensure that everyone understands the ground rules and that I’m also sensitive and responsive to your sponsor’s needs.

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"Clare challenged the self-limiting assumptions I often made about myself and with reflection on my day to day challenges and achievements, I identified my strengths and weaknesses and realised the unique qualities and contributions I have to offer. Previously, I considered myself to lack confidence at work and I felt this held back my career. I consider myself to be a more positive, confident and outgoing person; with a sense of direction in life and finally, a plan. I would highly recommend coaching with Clare. Our sessions really gave me confidence to take action and start turning my ambitions into a reality."
Jo, HR Advisor, City University London